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Sheep Shearing Worcester

Shearing small flocks of sheep around worcester and malvern area

Have a foot trim, shear and flock mot is a popular package


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Sheep for Smallholders

Flocks of sheep for the smallholders are increasing, they do mainly look after themselves, most of the time and graze unwanted grass.
Things to consider before purchasing

Having a holding number
Finding the right stock
Tagging, foot trimming
Sheep shearing
Lambing time

FarmFlock can help with all of the above
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Welsh Mule Yearlings for sale


28 yearling welsh mules £124, strong ewes ready for tupping

Elwyn 07889244906

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Horslyx Smallholder Block – 5kg.

Ideal for sheep or cattle, the Horslyx smallholder block vitamin is a mineral and trace element lick designed to balance forage and grazing.
Palatable, weatherproof and labour saving.

Contact Elwyn 07889244906

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Suffolk Yearlings for sale

20 Smart face suffolk yearlings, most have reared lambs, vaccinated and ready for tupping £90



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Shearing In Bromyard


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Flock Checks for June/July

As the weather is turning hot and muggy, watch out for fly strike, as it is very common if you have not shaun or sprayed/dipped your flock.

Make sure there is enough good grass in your paddocks/fields. As the year continues the grass quality will reduce, either cut long steamy grass. Or if you are short top your flock up with mineral buckets

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Sheep Shearing Smallholders

Being a sheep shearer in Herefordshire

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What to use the wool for?

I tend to take the wool of my client hands when I shear the sheep, then take to the wool marketing board, where they just tell me what is wrong with it so they can pay less for it!!!

Knitting or spinning the wool makes good use of it or use it for installation (if you dont mind the smell)



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Blogging about farmflock

Getting fleeced

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