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Cotswold Sheep shearing Cheltenham

cotswold sheep

Flock of cotswold sheep in Birlip Cheltenham

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Sheep shearing for wool


Wool from

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Sheep Shearing Time

Preparing sheep for shearing

Please contact me in advance of shearing time, so I can pencil you in around others in your area. Sheep should be penned before shearing. Electric supply is needed and somewhere to hang my shearing machine. Sheep should be clean for shearing, trim dirty backsides

A full stomach also contributes to animal discomfort during shearing. Sheep should be dry to shear, so keep a eye on the weather. Sheep should be sheared on a clean, dry surface


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Small flock sheep shearing



20130608 071

Sheep & angora goat shearing for small flocks around Herefordshire, Worcestershire & Gloucestershire. There are discounts available if I am shearing in your area, so please ask a friend or neighbour

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Sheep Shearing Hereford Worcester & Gloucestershire

Small flocks I can shear your sheep with my battery driven machine which makes shearing in remote places possible.


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Sheep pregancy Scanning

Pregnacy diagnosis or pd ewes from 40 days, which helps plan you flock management


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Balwen sheep for sale

4 Balwen ewes all reared lambs this year 3&4 year olds.

£70 each ring Elwyn 07889244906 make great ewes


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Recycled water butts

Recycled water barrel can be used as a water butt find more on my facebook page FarmRecyclables or contact Elwyn

Barrelswater butt1

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FarmRecycables water butt

water butt

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NSA sheep event

I will hopefully attending the sheep event tomorrow, so please come and have a chat if you see me wondering around, I will have farmflock shirt on which should help



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